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Sirangelo Resigns From NASA After Exploration Reorganization Was Refused

An ex-space industry official who joined NASA to direct its revamped lunar exploration policy has quitted the space agency after just a month and a half. In an in-house memorandum, Jim Bridenstine—NASA’s Administrator—declared that Mark Sirangelo had resigned as a special assistant to the administrator following a planned reorganization of the agency was refused by Congress. That reorganization could have established a “Moon to Mars Mission Directorate” integrating parts of the current HEOMD (Human Exploration and Operations Mission Directorate) and STMD (Space Technology Mission Directorate). Bridenstine declared plans to form the directorate in March, when Mike Pence—Vice President of the U.S.—set the objective of taking humans to the moon by 2024, stating it will “aim at the formulation and implementation of exploration expansion activities.”

Bridenstine then publicized in an April 8 memorandum that Sirangelo—Ex-Executive VP at Sierra Nevada Corporation’s Space Systems—had joined the space agency as an exceptional assistant with “large responsibility to function across the Mission Directorates to later develop the agency’s strategies for the exploration campaign.” After rejecting the planned reorganization by Congress, Bridenstine did not elaborate the grounds in his memo. He further added that devoid of the new directorate, “we would move ahead under our present organizational structure in the HEOMD.”

Recently, NASA was in news as its Mars 2020 mission was dropped in Death Valley. On a test flight in Death Valley, California, an Airbus helicopter carrying an engineering prototype of the LVS (Lander Vision System) that would help in guiding NASA’s upcoming Mars operation to a safe landing on the Red Planet. Throughout the flight—one in a chain—the helicopter and its two-person crew blow up a pre-proposed sequence of plans while LVS amassed and analyzed imagery of the mountainous, barren terrain.

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