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Trump Government Offers $16 Billion Aid To Farmers Affected By Trade War

Recently, the Trump administration declared a $16 Billion trade assistance program for the U.S. farmers, which includes a three-categorized aid package for American farmers who had been affected by the U.S. trade spat with China. The focus is cash payments summing up to $14.5 Billion to producers of a range of crops plus pork producers and dairy goods manufacturers impacted by penalizing tariffs. The U.S. tariff proceeds collected by the Treasury will be utilized to back the program, as per to the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture). On a press call, Sonny Perdue—Agriculture Secretary—stated, “The package we are declaring make sure that farmers would not bear the impact of those trade exerts by China or any other nation.”

Additionally, the administration plans bulk buys of almost $1.4 Billion of fresh produce and other food products affected by tariffs. The food will be utilized to support pantries, food banks, and school meal programs. The USDA also intends a $100 Million trade endorsement plan for livestock producers and specific crops to aid industry sectors in developing new markets. A similar plan was launched as a part of the government’s 2018 trade assistance program for agriculture. Perdue said, “Honestly, all of this will have been debatable if China had acted suitably and fairly in many of the domains concerning intellectual property theft and non-tariff blockades that they have put up for a couple of years.”

On a similar note, recently, the USDA was in news for farming out economists whose work tests Trump policies. The USDA is moving almost all of its researchers into the financial effects of climate change, food stamps, and trade policy—which are the topics of controversial Trump government initiatives—abroad Washington. The part of what employees allege is political repression on economists whose evaluations have raised concerns about the president’s policies.

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