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Driver’s Tips Will Not Be Used To Cover Base Pay By Amazon

According to an email sent to LA times, Amazon has committed to work on improving its transparency levels and tell the Flex delivery drivers about their actual earnings. The e-commerce giant Amazon will more significantly now not go deep into the tips that the driver receives in order to cover their base pay. It was reported earlier that the company had used the supplemental earnings of the driver to fulfill their guaranteed base pay of $18 to $25 per hour.

Due to a lack of transparency, the delivery drivers were up till now not aware of this practice of the company. The drivers were not told about the amount of money which they were actually getting had come from tips, so some of them had to resort to ordering items experimentally themselves to understand what exactly was happening.

As per the email, the company will now be sending the drivers a breakdown of fare for their shift which will be showing how much of their earnings is base pay and how much of it came from tips.

Lack of transparency in pay to drivers had been a point of criticism for Amazon for very long. In 2015, the company was sued by some of Prime Now drivers and had accused the company of withholding the tips which were paid through credit cards. Among the plaintiffs, one of them had said that he had no means of knowing if his payment was right as he had not witnessed an accounting of the tips ever.

Another company, DoorDash has been criticized for counting the tips which were there driver’s base pay. The company also has changed its policy, a month after it promised to do so

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