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Excessive Sleepiness During Day In Alzheimer’s Due To Loss Of Brain Cells

Feeling sleepy during daytime, even after sleeping for full hours at night, is often a symptom of Alzheimer’s disease. Scientists hope that if they track daytime sleep patterns, it will become easier to understand the stages of Alzheimer’s disease. A link between neuro-degenerative and excess sleep has already been established. Now the next step to the research is to understand why people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease feel sleepy all the time. One of the reasons might be the cells of the brain which have the function of keeping people awake get damaged when they suffer from Alzheimer’s disease. This has been stated after a research which was conducted at UCSF, the University of California, San Francisco.

The study also states that the high amount of tau- protein present in the brain can lead to such changes. This kind of protein gets tangled in the brain. This leads to disruption in communication between the brain cells (also called neurons). This in turn impacts the overall health of the cells in the brain. The tau protein accumulation mainly occurs at the locus coeruleus, tuberomammillary nucleus and the lateral hypothalamic area of the brain. Dr. Lea Grinberg explained more. He stated that the tau accumulation in the cells degenerate the power of the brain to stay awake. He also stated that this damage starts quite early in Alzheimer’s disease. He also differentiated between tau protein and amyloid protein, informing that the later is much more toxic than the previous ones.

In this research, Dr. Lea and his team diagnosed 13 brains. These were of deceased Alzheimer’s patients. There were 7brains of deceased people who did not have the disease. The samples were obtained from the Neuro-degenerative Disease Brain Bank of UCSF. The research paper was published in the journal named Alzheimer’s & Dementia.

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