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A Leap For Modern Medication Essential—A Leap For Manhood To Mars

As per the sources, in the month of March 2015, a milestone mission to space was boarded by Scott Kelly to survive abroad the ISS, International Space Station for approximately three-hundred-and-forty days, finishing what would develop known as the notorious “Year in Planetary”. Reportedly, a significant amount of time gathering vital data on himself was consumed by the astronaut to assist guide scientists working on succeeding leap of development of mankind in the newest effort of space investigation, while much of the time was spent by Kelly in taking magnificent pictures of Earth, out of which many got viral.

Since decades, landing human beings on Mars have been a subject of science fiction, but the struggle to land individuals on our near planet has subsequently become a perceptible goal in the 21st century, with private and public entities directing to complete such kind of mission truthfully within the upcoming 2 decades. However, some questions are still there regarding attaining this feat in the space border. Useful visions into long-term effects of rocket flight on the human body might be offered by the data collected from Kelly.

Serious obstacles related to health are offered by Mars as we all know human beings have never lived in outer space ever before. Nearly thirty months were estimated to last by the astronauts on the voyage, or 3 years might face weaker muscles from the loss of gravitational force, loss of bone density, excess radiation exposure, space sickness and prolonged nausea with contemporaries for years. These are several challenges specialists in space medicine are working upon to send a team to Mars by target date of 2033 of NASA, or maybe much earlier with SpaceX setting its aim to land human beings on the Red Planet by the year 2024.

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