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General Dynamics Realigns Its Business, Shelves Off Satcom Antenna

GDMS, a leading pentagon contractor has allowed sale of its satellite communication antenna business, SATCOM Tech, to go ahead. It will be made to C&P Industries. These firms announced their deal back on Monday. However, they haven’t yet disclosed the transaction’s value, leading to widespread speculation as to what it could possibly be. Spokesman Crosson stated that GDMS was divesting SATCOM Tech to allow the firm’s business efforts and ventures in various core areas to align better. This would ensure that all its efforts are better invested in enabling support for the company’s government-based customers and US DoD requirements.

SATCOM Tech manufactures and designs sat ground communication products, providing installation services, systems engineering, and project integration. Crosson stated that General Dynamics would be retaining its SATCOM product line that’s been intended for military customers. SATCOM tech is used for communications beyond normal sight by the USA and its allied forces. These technologies are likely to be highly valuable in assisting combat operations in the military.CPI stated that SATCOM Tech would complement its current portfolio of communications products, which have commercial, government and military applications, thus enabling it to provide enhanced value to all its customers.

Bob Fickett, CEO and President of CPI stated that satellite communications tech played a crucial role in various modern communications. The firm had decided to purchase SATCOM Tech since it had a varied range of abilities. It is VSAT expertise, complex and large antenna systems and medium and large communications antennas. Its expertise in these areas has made SATCOM Tech a prized possession to have in the industry. This acquisition will be closed out before 2019 ends after all customary closing terms and conditions have been fulfilled. CPI’s headquarters is currently located in California (Palo Alto) while CPI Canada is based out of Canada in Ontario.

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