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Holiday Inn Replaces Mini Bathroom Products To Protect The Oceans

Holiday Inn has announced that it will remove all mini bathroom products from its hotels.

The holiday chain has taken a giant stride in protecting the environment. It has announced that all types of tiny toiletries will be removed from its hotels in an effort to reduce plastic wastage.

Holiday Inn which is run by InterContinental Hotels Group has about 5,600 hotels. This ban on small plastic toiletries makes it one of the first international hotels to safeguard the environment. The switch to refillable bottles, ceramic containers and bulk dispensers for its bathroom products has been made in almost 843,000 rooms in its hotels.

We need to do something about our carbon footprint, says the company. We have to collectively take the lead, where the government is not giving the leadership, says the IHG CEO Keith Barr. This is a massive effort to keep plastic product wastes from the oceans.

The UK-based hotel has already started the move in this direction. It has removed individual toiletries and replaced them with bulk items in almost a third of its estates. About 200 million tiny bathroom products are used across its hotels every year, and this switchover will make a huge impact, feel

Further, it has plans to do away with plastic straws by the end of this year. The next big move is to remove all plastic cutlery and plates in its breakfast services, says Mr. Barr.

It slowly intends to use artificial intelligence to monitor wastes from breakfast buffets across its hotels, too. We continue to explore new ways to make a difference to our environment and our community, says Barr.

This effort to reduce its carbon footprint has been welcomed by Greenpeace. Fiona Nicholls from Greenpeace says that hotel guests have been able to adapt to the change, while shoppers are happy to bring their own reusable bags to supermarkets.

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