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Apple Users At Risk After A Potential Siri Eavesdropping Gets Confirmed

As per a report in The Guardian, it has been confirmed that Apple Siri Conversations were being reviewed by third party contractors. Apple is known for its security and the high level pricing for its devices is also accredited to the high level security it offers users through its devices. An Apparent breach now will leave a major dent in the company’s reputation and will have a big negative impact on how they go forward with it. The recordings being reviewed include highly confidential data including conversations of people talking to their physician, or of drug deals, or even of personal affairs.

Users of the Apple Watch are the ones who’ll be at a greater risk as Siri gets activated more by accident in these devices. Even the sound of a zipper or a movement of the wrists is enough to trigger Siri in these devices. Apple did confirm the review process but did not mention that humans were involved in it either. The Guardian quoted the whistleblower stating that the conversations being reviewed had many personal conversations including doctor-patient talks, business deals, personal talks, criminal deals, drug deals, and so on. What makes it worse is the fact that the recordings were saved along with the location of the user, their contact details, and app data. Apple defended itself by stating that only 1 per cent of the recordings were being reviewed to improve Siri’s understanding of users and to estimate the exact number of times it got activated accidentally. Considering the 500 million active Siri users, even the 1 per cent looks big enough to leave millions of users at risk.

Earlier this month, Google too was caught using Google Assistant recordings for review by humans internally. The company confirmed that its contractors were able to listen to the conversations users have had with Google Assistant.

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