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US Air Force begins the process of transferring SSAD to Commerce Dept.

A commerce official stated on Wednesday that the Air Force is approaching towards sending repository of satellites and data tracking the orbital debris to the US Commerce Department. Unified Data Library is a repository which was named by the White House last year on request. It is the initial process in the transference of awareness responsibilities circumstantial to space says the director of the Commerce Department’s Office of Space Commerce, Kevin O’Connell.

The space situational consciousness data that was edited for release the Commerce Department as directed by President Donald Trump to the Defense Department, who signed the Space Policy Directive 3 in June 2018.

Due to the growing urgency in deploying low orbiting satellites, the Department of Commerce is beginning to handle the responsibility. With humble potentials about the space economy there needs to be a change in approach.

According to Space Policy Directive 3, the military is required by the White House to focus in preserving access to and liberty of operation in space. The Commerce Department is looking forward to investments from commercial companies as well.

The 42 responses from the industry information have led to elongate the response comment window till July. Companies in association with the space commerce are pooling in ideas to improve awareness in the situation of space.

The framework for the handling of new responsibilities from Unified Data Library is yet to be finalized. Former associate of FAA, George Field suggests that the government is to initiate the program civil space management pilot. Its purpose is to measure new systems against the Air Force’s current deliveries.

Therese Jones, senior director of policy says that the Satellite Industry Association members are now formulating suggestions for policy on commercial and allied stakeholders. Association members included in the operators for spacecraft like Intelsat, Spire, ExoAnalytic Solutions and AGI are willing to share information as well as improve the data quality.

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