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RBC Signals Bags the US Air Force SBIR Award—Report

RBC Signals, a company creating a worldwide satellite ground-based station network has announced that it obtained the US Air Force SBIR award on June 17.

During SBIR’s Phase 1, which will be managed by AFRLSVD, RBC Signals, which is based out of Seattle, is set to explore multiple mission intelligent computing infrastructures to be deployed in various ground stations that fall under the company’s global network. This is as per a news release on June 17. Many IoT constellations transmit huge data volumes to various ground stations from satellites. Constellation operators eliminate the requirement of having the data forwarded to various data centers. They instead perform a portion of the processing on their satellites with more underway upon reaching ground stations, stated Ron Faith, the company’s CEO.

Certain ground stations tend to be in remote locations, making backhaul expensive. Initial processing for image framing and then assessment for priority can be done at ground stations, stated Faith. For instance, Earth observation operators tend to remove images of various clouds and transmit only those images that provide clear views.

Since starting out 4 years ago, RBC has created ground station networks by combining and utilizing excess ground communications networks capacity, using its antennas. Currently, over sixty-five antennas in around 40 locations are available to RBC Signals, which support various satellite communication frequency bands. The company had its eye on commercial satellite communication market in the beginning. During the last 6 months, government business has been pursued aggressively, which has shown results.

This allows diversification of revenue streams since governments are always predictable and stable customers. Intelligence and defense agency leaders are searching for methods that provide quick sensor information access for sensors in space, air and the ground. DoD and US Air Force have tons of interesting activities going on, Faith stated. They are looking for capability augmentation and space effort innovation via private commercial players.

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