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New Worm Study Shows Optimism For Slowing Muscle Decline

According to new research, muscle decline induced by aging and some diseases could be radically slowed by blocking a chain reaction that harms cells. The study disclosed the earlier unknown steps through which malfunction of mitochondria—which is the “powerhouses” of cells—impacts muscle health and causes atrophy (wasting away). The research panel from the University of Exeter and the University of Nottingham and Tohoku University showed that slowing down various stages of this procedure suppressed muscle atrophy. The research was conducted on a species of worm—Caenorhabditis elegans—which was in recent time utilized in a muscle study on the ISS (International Space Station) due to their muscle cells resemblance to those of humans.

Dr. Timothy Etheridge—from the University of Exeter—said, “Mitochondrial malfunction is an important feature of several muscle diseases, but therapies are presently limited. Our research showed that mitochondrial malfunction leads to calcium accumulation in cells, which in return triggers enzymes that deteriorate collagen. Etheridge further added, “Collagen is important for giving shape to the outside of cells, so deprivation of collagen destabilizes muscle. In this research, we utilized experimental drugs to restrain the enzymes that diminish collagen and the outcomes showed that this suppressed muscle decline is lead by dysfunctional mitochondria.”

Recently, the University of Exeter was in news for its study that stated CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) can benefit the mental health of kid having long-term conditions. The mental wellbeing of kids and young people having some long-term physical conditions can benefit from CBT. The systematic review utilized strong techniques to bring together and make logic of the best science in this domain. Amongst a range of outcomes, the team found some proof of the benefits of CBT in chronic pain, inflammatory bowel disease, and epilepsy. The study was supported by the NIHR (National Institute for Health Research).

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